Introducing Brett Waste: Esoteric Punk Anarchism

Brett Waste is a friend and colleague of mine who I’d like to include as a contributor to this journal.  Brett and I have collaborated on past projects through the NSA (Nameless Syndicated Archives) and Discordia555– as these projects have involved synchronicity and hyperreal process, they will serve as continual reference to the development of synchrologistics.  And so it is only appropriate that we introduce the man in his own words.

EC-Hi, Brett, welcome to my imaginary talk show.

BW- Great to be here. 🙂

EC- So, to start off, what’s the hair about?


BW- When I was younger and people gave me more trouble on the street in the regressive Eighties – I was often called a ‘Rooster’ from across the road by the occupants of speeding cars…there is a very good reason for this...In ‘Citizen Kane’ Kane (Hearst) makes shadow puppets of a cock rooster on the wall to entertain the young girlfriend with the sweet tooth he is seducing. Hence the shaman punk is a representative of the cock…this is only likely to get in the face of other males


EC- Yes, it elicits a primal response.  Now, what is with the name “mohawk” anways?  Was it a hair dress of the Mohican tribe or something?

BW- Technically the Mohicans of North East Canada did not have the Grecian plume (except for medicine men due to intertribal relationships) – the tribe that had the hairstyle were the Hurons which means in French-Canadian trapper slang “toilet-brush head”. This is because the hair cuts reminded the fur trappers of the European Boar which had a similar ridge of spiked hair and fur on its head that was used for toilet brushes in the Victorian era…A relative of mine was awarded Victorian military medals for taking part in the Battle of Red River against Huron forces in 1870.

EC-  I see, so it would be more appropriate to call it a Huron then?

BW- Yes, so the more appropriate term would be the ‘Huron’, but we must remember this was not the tribal name of their own group – this would have been an Indian name loosely meaning ‘The People’….what the French Canadian trappers were doing was the equivalent of what yobs do today yelling toilet brush head at me…as a punk.

EC- Speaking of hair, the other hare.  I was checking out this nifty dice roller that you use.  Could you tell me what you use this for, and why it is called “catch your hare”?

BW- Yes, indeed the homonystic ‘Catch Your Hare’ random dice site connects to this (homonyms and spelling plays a huge role in etymological punk)…This site is used for modern role play like Dungeons and Dragons by producing random dice results for the game…In a similar way the ‘Hare and Stag Game’ was a medieval thought game where the player must choose between catching the small Hare in the morning, that will only feed him, or not trip the ambush for the larger Stag, that will feed all the hunters at the end of the day, or perhaps all go hungry…This is a primitive form of Game Theory matrices and hypereality tile box…Also the rabbit is incorporated into Anglo cathedrals and churches in the triptych of the three rabbits, usually arranged in a triangular fashion chasing each other….This sort of magic appears in all instances of life and death. As I write this an advertisement called ‘DermaWand’ is on my TV and reminds me of your earlier writings. The DermaWand (promising radiowave facelifts) is in fact marketed as a ‘penis’ wand that the aged woman rubs on her face – often with white cream as shown on the ad. It is a literal “skin”wand -ie. a phallus. It is a fascinator of the Roman Imperial times hanging in the face of women. 


EC-  So, when did these thought games turn into role play games?

BW- Around the 1800’s miniature hyperreal tin soldier games and chess of the Freemasons began to be incorporated into American Civil War games for navies in the 1860’s….Small model ships were placed on flat boards and point awarded to scale damage….This set up the first rules for miniature war gaming….Later, Monash would use role-play to imagine small unit tactics that would finally break the stalemate on the Western Front….Shortly thereafter HP Lovecraft and Tolkien began to exchange letters in their writing circles involving role play…During the 20’s, Jung demonstrated the power of role play in exploring the Unconscious…Freud also pursued this technique…Eventually all business planning and training had transferred to role play by the 50’s.

EC- I see you have campaign guides on your site Discordia555 .  Could you explain what the name Discordia and the number 555 is reference to?

BW- Yes, Discordia is in reference to the representatives of Eris Discordia, the Discordians. Eris is the Classical Greek goddess of Chaos. The Triple 5s represents the Tri-Veca of the universes which forms a 3-D sonargram-like image of the female vulva

EC- And dicotyledons- which have two cotyledons (embryonic leaves). representing a duality of sorts- tend to have five petaled flowers. And the 5th letter of the alphabet is ‘E’, for Eris presumably?

BW- Indeed, the Triple 5’s is connected to 5 petaled flowers found on Crete and idolized during the Minoan civilization…in their golden jewellery…the Cretean Minoans were also apiculturists (bee keepers), and traded honey from their pastures to the Ancient Egyptians…This figured heavily in their heavily materialistic gold jewellery motifs…along with the vertebrae spinal column of the apis bull that was seen as sacred…these sacred apis bulls were traded with ancient Egypt by Minoa and cleaved with polearm fasces axes by the Priestesses of Knossos on Crete who guarded the Minotaur’s Labyrinth.

EC- How did Eris factor into antiquity Were there any cults dedicated to her?

BW- Eris is one of the most primal goddesses in the Greek pantheon – in fact, in some instances, and according to some cults, She predated the other Olympian gods, including the Titans- by pulling Nature and the Cosmos into existence- either as an egg, or coming from insects and twigs, or spit and mud. She is Cosmic Chaos and the progenitor of all things that be. In the Greek mythos She takes the place of Chronos the Titan as space-time on a Mobius Continuum …Space-Time is replaced by the Roman empire and mythology as Saturnus, and Christianized as ‘Old Father Time’ with a scythe and the previous year’s sash…Eris is also the sister of Ares, god of War, and the two are so competitive that when they incestuously lay with each other, it must be side by side only…Also it is Eris who sets the Trojan Wars of Ilium in train with her Golden Apple of Kallisti fashioned by Hephaestus to trap and embarrass Aphrodite for her many indiscretions to her husband…This ultimately ends in the geasing of Gog and Magog to guard the Grand Guild Hall of London.

EC- So you are saying that the myth of Eris actually entered into history during the Trojan War and continues to shape present day reality?

BW- Yes indeed – Brutus the Trojan is regarded by some British historians to have been an actual personage who came to Albion to slay Alba and geas her two gargantuan sons – Gog and Magog, to guard the North and South doors of the Grand Guild Hall which still stands in London…Each year Londoners parade huge paper mache statues of Gog and Magog, as the Protectors of the City of London.

EC- As a modern day Discordian, how do you perceive Eris?  In what way does this inform and inspire your existence?

BW- Eridians are generally gap-toothed due to their hypersexuality, and sometimes have mixed colour eyes. Dark-haired, dark-eyed Eridians tend to be somewhat more powerful than fairer ones. Eris is a Greek personification of The Monad. The Monad is only gendered female due to its negative black energy (as in Yin)…If The Monad is to be pictured, She may be pictured as a circuit with negative electricity passing around it. Essentially, patriarchy acts as electrical Resistance exhibited by The Monad as hysterical emanations of Arches who in turn emanate Godheads (typically the personification of Eris would be a Godhead and She would appear among Her mortal followers as an avatar). As it can be seen, many terms of the World Wide Net (Techne the spider-god’s web or net) are incorporated in the mythological (ie. icon, scroll, virtual).

EC- Yes, this chaotic lattice spins out so much dual referenced meaning that it seems almost intentional.  How do you see synchronicity playing into all of this?

BW- I find the songs of The Police very influential on this subject. Literally the correlation of two seemingly unconnected events, synchronicity really holds the only hope of thought (not necessarily ‘coherent’) for the sentient human in the Chaotic universe. Increasingly as we advance into Post-Modernism we are finding the rules of things like Quantum Theory breaking down and no Grand Unified Theory to be found. If there is none, or if as indications have shown, we will be irretrievably prevented from finding it, synchronicity will be the only anti-discipline left open to us.

EC-  Haha, Yes, this is why it is so exciting for me.  It is tastefully irrational, yet from it there seems to come some sort of profound logic.  Really, I must say these are very exciting times, and very exciting ideas to take part in.  Thank you very much for doing this interview, and I hope to include your work in future journal entries.  Is there anything else you’d like to add before we sign off?

BW- Hail Eris Discordia, and Her Son, Horkus, the Etruscan Orcus 555!

EC- You heard it here first folks, Hail Eris!  Don’t forget to subscribe to synchrologistics for updates, and bookmark Discordia555 to keep up with the work Brett is doing.


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