Trained by Trauma- from shamanism to mind control

Trauma is unavoidable in life.  The act itself of being born is an experience of being ripped from a comfort and life support- to be dragged into a harsh realm of overwhelming sense stimulation which steadily molds the mind into an ego.  As the sense of self develops, it becomes vulnerable to ever more elaborated forms of trauma.  The fear of death is no longer attached only to the immediate sensation of dying, but also the associated mental phenomenon of personal identity.  The ego could be seen as a shell formed from the trauma of separation from amniotic oneness, but the formation of the ego can be guided through intentional application of trauma.


When the sense of self is threatened early in life it can result in a higher malleability of ego.  Tendencies to dissociate and enter into non-ordinary experiences increase in those who have undergone additional trauma.  In some cultures those who experienced serious illness as children ,and came close to death, would often became the shamans, medicine men, and vision seers for their society.  Ritual practices that used methods like sensory deprivation were developed to further enhance the dissociative powers of the individual.  In these instances the person was considered a source for wisdom and guidance, someone who could pull away the exterior of the phenomenal world and see into inner realities.  This would take the form of communication with gods, ancestor spirits, animal totems, or other figures depending on the cultural vocabulary.


All of the techniques of  mysticism- drug inducement, sensory deprivation, sensory overload- are also the most pernicious techniques of tyrants.  As much as natural  traumatic circumstances can open an individual to non-ordinary states of awareness, and and ecstatic techniques used in a self directed manner- Trauma can also be intentionally induced, and the same techniques used against the individual to hijack their direction.  Like anything, any technology can be used for creative or destructive purposes.  Sex can be an experience of wholeness or an experience of rape and powerlessness at the hands of a malevolent other.


Sexual abuse is perhaps the most pertinent demonstration of intentionally induced trauma.  Someone doesn’t accidentally get raped or molested.  The experience of being violated in this way, especially as a young child, often results in repressions which manifest as various symptoms and tendencies throughout life- depending on the circumstances and the degree of repression.  Where one person could adopt the defense of embracing open sexuality to reclaim a lost sense of personal control over sex, another person might withdraw entirely from sexual experiences as a way to avoid reliving the trauma which they knowingly or unknowingly repress.


Sexual abuse is something which has probably occurred for a long time, and at one point people must have noticed the tendencies of repression and its formation on identity.  Techniques were devised to intentionally induce trauma in children and attempt to steer their identity formation entirely.  To protect the sense of self, the ego withdraws in experiences of extreme trauma.  When this is combined with drugs and hypnotic induction, the mind can be opened up by a facilitator and the personality be rewritten.  Because of the repressive tendency it can be easy to insert conditioning without the conscious ego of the individual to apprehend what has occurred.


This sort of technique has been extensively explored by government, military, and private interests in the 20th century.  Though its most extreme forms are perhaps too grueling for many people to even consider, especially if they are themselves repressing trauma, the theories which developed from this research into trauma induced mind control were formative to the development of modern popular culture, news, and entertainment.  Many motifs of popular culture come directly out of psychological imprinting manuals, and many have been led to suspect that a great majority of popular entertainers have been victims of trauma induced mind control.  Perhaps the tendency for the victim to become the abuser is demonstrated in the case of mind control victims becoming mind control agents.  I shutter to think of the possibility that this chain of mind fuck has become entirely self directed through the process of being developed- that humanity is at war with a mental manipulation which has detached itself from human intention entirely.  And when one projects this trend into a transhumanist future… it looks pretty fucking bleak.

H.R.Giger Art 22

When we pathologize the effects of living in a society sick with manipulative trauma, we collectively repress the trauma, and it becomes all encompassing.   Trauma has become business as usual.  Obedience is easily bought off through glittering distractions- glittering distractions which glaringly reenforce the trauma, while diverting attention away from it.  We live in a state of terror. The war on terror is the war by terror, and entertainment primes the collective identity formation- progressively and steadily guiding through imprint.  Where are the shamans, the medicine men, and the vision seers?  Have they all been replaced by the spook, the handler, and the government funded remote viewer?



14 thoughts on “Trained by Trauma- from shamanism to mind control

  1. thoughtfull words.

    the subconscious routines wich operate in all of us i suspect have many levels … some of it learned in this life, some of it collective and ancestral repeating in many strange manners unbeknown to us…

    maybe even controllin us to a much greater degree then our conscious mind might suspect…

    if there are powerful programs runnin in all of us, we all are mindcontrolled in different degrees and levels of severity and flavours…

    a great deal of our ”personality”programmes/software is formed as u said by experiences , input from the surroundings , familystructure , society/culture as Terrence Mckenna would say.

    i think that to find ourselves if that even is possible or logical, becoming aware of runnin programs and usin those tools consciously for ourselves might lead to a greater degree of real souvereignity of mind and thus body and actions. and maybe a deep reconnection to the universe through our inner deep roots / like the root system of a computer-os directory or a tree….

    • Yep, there is no denying that we all are programed, for better or worse. And there is the paradox of rewriting programming at the instigation of another, i.e. Mckenna or Leary, as being just as programmed as straight out of the factory farm of family or church. To try to be as self actualized as possible is still a noble pursuit though, even if it is a process full of dead ends and endless paradox. Thanks for the insightful comment.

      • thats a good point. the culture creators through social engineering use these iconic people as Jan Irvin has pointed out, to make us want something vague as ”enlightenment” or self-actualization just to be misguided into a new level of programmin….

        we seem to always get new chains when we are ready and tryin to get rid of the old ones.

        for me personal, before i ever heard about Leary, Mckenna or Sjamanism, since the age of 4 , when indoctrinated into strict sunni islam programming, i always felt tensed and awkward about all the rituals and group-ways everyobody seemed to be doin , no individuality there.

        later i observed this pattern of programmin active in other groups. it seems like humans love to organize themselves in a cult-structure and hierarchy , just like a beehive.

        the ones who dont comply can await stress, exclusion , violence or death.
        it might be some ancient program wich was useful to hold on to patterns wich advance the survival-rate of the individuals.

        we cant help it. only the crazies, village idiots, drunks, and sjamans were allowed to be individual……
        everyone else has to comply or group stalking methods like shame, loss of face , family name, etc are used to enforce the culture.

        the only guide for me now , after havin followed the given guru’s, is biofeedback from my mind and body. if i feel energetic, strong, and can withstand pressure from others and keep thinkin logically, spot bullshit on as many levels as i can, i’ll be goin on the set path and interests……
        i try to quit shit much faster if it dont fit ….

        most technical and kowledge progress for humanity has come from the single minds of single individuals , thinking different than the herd, not from any group-effort enforced or organized by an overseer

      • You got it! In many ways it is helpful to be raised in some strict religious program these days, to be able to contrast it with secular globalism. A lot of people get caught up in eschewing traditions entirely or eschewing liberalism entirely- without really knowing the other side. When you see both, it becomes apparent that both traditional and liberal values have some good aspects and some bad aspects. Really there is a lot of room for dialogue between these elements.

  2. […] March 30, 2014 Trauma is unavoidable in life. The act itself of being born is an experience of being ripped from a comfort and life support- to be dragged into a harsh realm of overwhelming sense stimulation which steadily molds the mind into an ego. As the sense of self develops, it becomes vulnerable… […]

  3. I believe the shamans are making a comeback. Those of us who survive the hell of reckoning with our trauma (in my case, trauma induced by sick and unhealthy parenting advice from the religious right) and overcoming self-destructive tendencies start to understand what our minds are really capable of.

    We’re a traumatized generation coming of age. Some of us will recover and will become better people, but sadly some won’t.

    • Initiation can take strange forms. I feel that even in the worst of times there will be people who find their way. I like to imagine the potential for positive outcomes through the process of recovery. Once you see how it works, if you can recover from it, you can begin to imagine how it could backfire on a collective scale.

      • You may be intrigued by an idea of mine. Basically, one thing that is patently absent from modern life is the career ascetic. We don’t have people who devote their lives to writing, thinking, and meditating any more and it’s really taken a toll on us.

        The idea, then, would be to sort of revisit the concept of a monastic order, but accommodating to a pantheistic approach to contemplation. Like monks, we would support each other mutually through collective labor and share each other’s insights by building vast libraries of original manuscripts. But rather than hermits, we’d be part of the wider world around us, just living differently than our neighbors.

        We could suggest donations for the use of the library and other premises by the community, and we could become an actively-involved guild within the community, performing charity work and outreach programs. We establish basic guidelines for our vision- the “charter” of our “order” if you will- and allow others to establish new centers within the order.

        The idea’s just a nebulous one right now but I’m kicking it around.

      • I think that is a great idea. As much as I am into individualism, I long for a way to connect this stuff into society at large. I have thought of the various ways to do this, mostly beyond my scope of accomplishment at the moment. Like, starting a community library focused on esoterics from an outside the box approach. I think generalities such as pantheistic, neo-platonic, hermetic, taoist, etc could be synthesized into a communal language without doing disservice to the original form of such teachings. If everything were open to discussion, and no conclusions were ever expected- it could be like reclaiming the mystery in its original living form. Unfortunately most of these attempts fall into cult formations, and not even very good cults either. It’s tricky, but I wouldn’t say it is impossible.

  4. ” Where are the shamans, the medicine men, and the vision seers? Have they all been replaced by the spook, the handler, and the government funded remote viewer?” This is such an important question. I’m glad you are asking it. Thanks for following SWB.

  5. ” …. the possibility that this chain of mind fuck has become entirely self directed through the process of being developed- that humanity is at war […]And when one projects this trend into a transhumanist future… it looks pretty fucking bleak.”

    You have perfectly illustrated what I disdain and resist about tranhumanism and technology and the abuses that are sure come.
    The manipulation, abuse and social pecking order establishment that can be observed at times in the venue of a prison shower room, will be used across populations, nations… perhaps further.
    the malignant personality will have the potential rape , torture and dominate and control, while hidden he can harrass over great distances, f he has the technological means.
    also something else I’ve pondered about, that you talk about here:
    a tenancy of many who are abused to become abusers. (This of course does not constitute all who have endured abuse). I wonder, that in trying to survive, some misinterpret the attacks of their abuser as power. In seeking out relief of lost esteem they turn to the the same power plays as their previous aggressor.

    Perhaps the chain of malignant behavior can be broken if those being assaulted can understand this behavior is actually born out of feelings of powerlessness and neediness.

    • i have also pondered the transhumanism/cyborg/biofusion comin upon us.
      it does have many beneficial aspects to it for those of our species who have been born in a defective body or became defective due to livin on this planet.

      i think the problem is not in the technology, but in our psyche as these strange creatures we are.

      of course some technology makes it much easier for abusive authoroties to enforce previusly unknown methods and levels of brutality and control on those who dont have any means to protect and counteract the offense.

      on many levels this biosuit we call our body is already a very sophisticated technology our ”spirit” inhabites temporarily to operate in this reality.

      on some of my mindtravels i have found even being in this body a weird , estranged thing. a massive dreamlike alien experience, a trip maybe even weirder then the dmt-elves trip of mckenna.

      whats interesting to me is : is it possible to ”attach” ”ourselves” to a humancreated biosuit/device other then our body with full functioning or even maybe better then we have now available ?

      i dont particularly feel attached anymore to this biosuit on emotional grounds. we dont choose to be born. even survivin birth defect free is a risky endeveaour. it just happens to be (one of) the way(s) we are able to enter this world at this moment.

      i see a highly logical technological aspect underlying this reality and all living and dead things. its all organized too well to be a ”random” thing. we are a highly complex ocean of walking chemical reactions being processed and steered by the unit called our brain and the biofeedback connection to our consciousness through senses/sensors.

      we are limited in our perception to what out body allows. if we attach ourselves to an unit with greater perception we willl be able to do/perceive/know much more of this world.

      we do it already with indirect technology like computers, telescopes, microscopes,supercomputers etc.

      we inherently are made to do this it seems as curious as we are. the hunger for the unknown and mystere never ceasing to keep our mind busy , even on the subconscious level when we are busy with everyday things.

      i used to have a irrational fear of ”transhumanism” , the more i try to understand it , the more i see its utter foolishness .

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