Spoofing Port 1723


1723 is a significant indicator amongst the neoteric avant-garde. It is an obscure number, much to its effect-  as all things “occult” (hidden) operate most effectively when they remain widely unknown.  It’s like flying saucers-  If you have them, and no one else even knows how they work; you can be obscured by confusion, disbelief, and misdirection.  The gap in knowledge is the only thing that makes the flying saucer seem “alien”, and likewise the only thing that makes 1723 seem “occult”.  Once you have your very own flying saucer, that aspect of life is entirely demystified.


Mysticism is a mist which creates a schism between self and understanding.  Many people enjoy that mist, and even as it clears to them personally they continue to waft it into the eyes of others.  Reason can cut through the mist and find those solid platonic objects which lay beyond.  To traverse the realms of mysticism with full faculty of mind- as neoplatonism set out to synthesize Platonic Idealism with Aristotelian Logic (as above so below)-  synchrologistics does not end at mere esoteric thesis.


The significance of 1723 to synchrologistics is:

17 is an auspicious number, and a portal number, the sum of the first four primes, containing the combined esoteric qualities of the preceding 11 and 13. The obliqueness of it’s use, as opposed to 11 and 13- places it deeper into the occult.  Represented as an eight pointed star in ancient Sumerian symbolism- as one and seven is eight- 17 has a hidden symmetrical quality.  Once at eight it’s only a hop skip and a jump to 64 (the central nexus for data exchange in our matrix of reality).  This makes 17 a very useful number indeed.  Perhaps now that we speak of it, it will be begin to show itself more.  After all, the neoteric arts are the future of the occult.


23 is a number which denotes synchronicity, or acausal (without cause) interrelation.  Because of its acausal nature it has been used in military code to indicate “chaos”- a factor which is uncontrolled.  The 23rd hexagram of the I ching is associated with the downfall of unjust rule.  Because of this matrix of ideas 23 is heavily associated with Discordianism.  2 and 3 are the first two prime numbers, and their sum, 5, the third. 23 interfaces the matrix of the human nervous system, represented through 5, with the  chaos of the universe- to harmonize experience through found meaning (23×3=69).


As post-modern  as the neoteric significance of 17 and 23 may seem, the significance of 1723 is even more so.  Some have speculated that 1723 is reference to the year 1723- citing Vivaldi’s composition of “The Four Seasons” as resonant with the cycles of nature, or the foundational work of modern Freemasonry, “Anderson’s Constitutions”, as indicative of some Masonic conspiracy.  If there is a conspiracy, in this case it is on them.

Others have taken the sum of 17 and 23, 40, to draw from the numerous mythic and legendary references to that number….40 days in the desert, 40 days and nights of the flood, Alibaba and the 40 thieves etc.  All of these associations are fine, and as with all things esoteric, there is no definitive “right” answer.  Signs are surrounded by shells of meaning, no single shell conclusively describes the sign.


Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocal connects virtual networks through Port 1723.  Using this virtual reality as a metaphor for the interactions between minds- Port 1723 is the access point  for information exchange between minds, lines secured through common language ques and signifiers.  As Port 1723 is “hackable” through packet spoofing, the mind is ‘hackable” through similar use of language ques and semiotic devices.  You will find that the hyperreality of the internet is like a self-similar fractal of the actual reality from which it is constructed as a mechanical metaphor.


To deconstruct the analogy of 1723 is to come to the bare bones of reality interfacing.  Whatever meaning you may find in it, if any at all, is entirely subjective as your personal significance, given the data stream which is available to you.  But beyond the data stream, beyond the mechanics- what do you really want out of it all?  1723 is a tool and your inner most self is that unseen hand which wields it


special thanks to Frank Conrad for helping me with this article.


4 thoughts on “Spoofing Port 1723

      • numerology. i ‘ve not been into it that much. not on the level u are.
        could u inform as what 37 means to u ? as also pertaining to the 37th chamber narrative ?

        i do know that on a certainlevel, the platonic ? everything around us can be con/deconstructed/analyzed in numbers, from forms up to chemical reaction setpoints and electromegnatism etc…

        the denser/more complex (sub)systems seem to be made up from very simple equations, like we use in the computing technology, basically mathematics… and the fibunacci , prime numbers ….

        for example ,. i dont even know what 855 means in this combination, i only know of the individual popular explanations of 8 as eternity , and 5 something to do with pentagram and the internal constructionof an apple and other things in nature…

      • I’m not that into numerology either. I’ve always been bad with math and spelling. But in my ignorance I have an aesthetic appreciation for the patterned conceptual relations between numbers and words- signs in general.

        37 is personally relevant to me first as a reoccurring pattern. My first apartment was 307 (third story, seventh apartment) and I covered up the 0 with a maple leaf with ॐ drawn on it- because three-“O”-seven and three;0hm-seven sound similar and ॐ looked to me like a stylized 37.

        After many years of forgetting about this 37 started to pop up for me so I looked into it and found a series of interesting correlations with it. 111,222,333,444,555,666,777,888,999- these are numbers which resonate with power and meaning for people simply through their repetition. And all can be traced to 37. XXX divided by (X+X+X) equals 37 ex. 555/15=37.

        To me 37 is like the synchronicity of 23, but with a more auspicious and all containing quality. On a level 3+7 is double 2+5, and a ten pointed star points with radial symettry. Both are primes,and there seems to be something about primes in general. I can’t describe it mathematically, but I have heard others do so- not my place to butcher number theory though.

        The 37th chamber is a play on the idea of the 36th chamber (a school for teaching commoners martial arts), so 37th chamber being a place to teach commoners magical arts The 37th chamber has entry ways all over the world, just knock.

        I didn’t come up with any of it, it is just the gravity of ideas. But as these go into place, it becomes able to be built upon with the same forces of gravity- observable and reproducible through natural means. This is what makes it open source. It could be anything, but whatever it is will be transparent and open to elaboration. I guess that makes me a terrible occultist 😀 then again there is something to be said for hiding in plain sight

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