About Synchrologistics:

Synchrologistics is the study and application of semiosis (sign processing) as applied to synchronicity (the sense of meaningful coincidence provoked by non-causally related events).

As a study, synchrologistics attempts to provide an objective language to the subjective experience of synchronicity- to catalog unique interrelations within the chaotic lattice of meaning, to explore the nature of experience; thought, sense, and emotion as entelechy.

As an application, synchrologistics uses hyperreality in an attempt to engineer synchronicity out of  non-euclidean narratives, in which reality and fiction are juxtaposed as referential arcs.  Experimental results are recorded and evaluated in terms of the coincidental alignments of reality and fiction, within the narrative and beyond.

About this blog:

Sort of like Seinfeld, synchrologistics is a study about nothing…yet, something!  You have to watch it to get it, and this blog will serve as a field journal for my self as I discover further what the fuck I am talking about.  At times I will invite colleagues to contribute material, as well as share pertinent collaborative works to be analyzed.

About this Synchrologician:


I’m here to learn.  I received a very informal education hanging out in university towns.  Classes I have taken credited and non-credited include:

Philosophy of Religion, Survey of Millennial Movements, Physical and Cultural Anthropology, Eastern Philosophy, Philosophy of Aesthetics, Print Making and Design, Ceramics, Glass, Darkroom Photography, Digital Installation, Electronic Media, and a plethora of other liberal and fine art courses which have amounted to becoming a farm laborer.

Besides, I am a warrior, a king, and a clown in my own hyperreality.  You can pick any pretense to see me as- just don’t see me as entirely serious in any of them.  I will use personal anecdote in many of my reports, so if you want to know more about me there will be plenty self-reference in blog posts.  I’m really just learning this stuff so any educated critique is invited.


Thanks for reading and feel free to write me here or email at clericcowan@)gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. first off, anyone interested in synchronicity is ok in my book! I had to get out my dictionary to read some of your stuff, but that’s ok, too–a growing experience for me. Thanks for visiting me, and I look forward to reading your posts! Gail @ Making Life An Art

    • Thank you so much for taking the time and attention. Many of these concepts are relatively new to me also, and I am very excited how they work into my interest in synchronicity. I see synchronicity as a field of inquiry which still has much room for growth, and will become increasingly investigated as people are given the vocabulary to weave it in with other fields.

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